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Broken China Tile

The Broken China Tile mosaic supplies will be slowly coming back in the next few months. We thank you so much for your prayers and the support you all gave for our suppliers condition. I will keep posting as things arrive. Thank you.:)
The Broken China Tile is made on high quality ceramic clay bisque fired, then fired again with the beautiful patterns on it for a fusing between the two that is fantastic, just like using Vintage china dishes only its all flat! Approx. 60 PLUS square inches of product coverage in each 1/2 pound bag (8oz.)which is 20% more then Industry standard of 6oz. We have several unique patterns that are hard to keep stocked so please keep checking back with us if there is a partciular pattern you like and we are out. This is a great cost effective way to go for use in pique assiette work or shard mosaics. Our Broken China Tile is very easy to work with, more so then plates and cups, you can break or nip it into pieces to fit your needs. Thickness staying at 1/8" thruout, pourous on the backside,perfectly flat and easy to cut. On any of the center motifs, single florals, borders,I try to cut as much excess off so you are not paying for any waste. I want you to have no waste!! Use for picture frames, stepping stones, mirrors, pots, tables, bistro sets, ect!! Works great with all of our glass tile! Please note: NOT to be used for flooring unless for just an accent piece. If you would like one of our patterns on a field tile please contact us 907 373 8688 or Thankyou
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