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The Mosaic Glass Tile Gradients are a beautiful way to add color to any room. Their striking designs of color add just the burst for the focal point you want to create, whether it be for a wall that needs that "something stunningly unique and different", fireplace surrounds,Accent walls, Columns, or showers. You can choose your own colors also to go with your decor in the room. Due to the nature of the designs each Gradient has a minimum order square footage for the design, but can be customized for you. Price listed is for 8 square foot sheets/Column. The sheet size can vary as determined by the coverage area. Tile size is 20mmx20mm (3/4"x3/4"), tile thickness 4mm. Type of mounting is Facemount on transparent plastic film for easy installation. Each gradient is shipped with marked panels, installation diagram based on the area measurements. They are suitable for walls, light traffic areas, wet areas including standing water. If you have any questions about ordering, measuring, lead times,Customizing Color Costs, ect. please call us 907 373 8688 or email us at The standard lead time for Fabrication is 10 to 20 days prior to shipping. All Rights Reserved Copyrights on pictures and information on the gradients. MTS™LLC and Arctic Mermaid™ Mosaics. 2014 Photos courtesy of MTS™LLC.

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Cashmere Gradient Mosaic Glass Tile
Cashmere Gradient- $168.75 per Column (8s.f.). Minimum- 1 Column. Picture shows 6 columns. ON SALE! Price per 8ft Column- $148.75. 907-373-8688

Loft Radial Gradient pattern
Loft Radial Gradient- $199.75 per 8ft. column. Area shown is 60sqft.- minimum 48sqft. (6'x8'). ON SALE!! $179.75 per 8ft. Column.
Rising Sun Gradient
Rising Sun- $27.95 per square foot. Area shown is 60s.f. Minimum order 48s.f. (6'x8') 907-373-8688
Matinee Gradient pattern
Matinee Gradient pattern- $168.75 per 8sf. column. Picture shows 6 columns. ON SALE!! $148.75 per 8ft. column. 907-373-8688
Coffeehouse Random Gradient
The Coffeehouse Random Gradient is $168.75 per 8ft. column. Minimum order is 1 column. Made to order item, call us for more information, lead time, shipping. 907-373-8688 ON SALE!! $148.75 per 8ft. column.
Deep Purples Random Gradient
The Deep Purples Random Gradient- Price $168.75 per 8ft. column. Minimum order is 1 8ft. column. Call for information, lead time, shipping. 907-373-8688. ON SALE $148.75 per 8ft. column.
Shades of Blue Gradient_ $168.75 per Column. 1 Column- 8s.f.. Minimum order 1 Column. Picture shows 6 columns. ON SALE!! $148.75 per 8ft column. 907-373-8688